Wedding Rings

For most people, wedding rings are a beautiful symbol of a couple’s commitment to one another while other will be of the opinion that wedding rings are uncomfortable and unnecessary. Some people embrace this symbolism, others reject it, and others go for new and creative alternatives. But prior to making a decision, it is important what wedding rings are all about; what is the essence behind them.

In respect to symbolism, the unbroken design of wedding rings is meant to indicate the enduring and infinite nature of a couple’s love. Wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand by both parties. This started out with the Romans, who believed that the vein inside this finger went directly to the heart and therefore having the ring there symbolized the strength of your connection to your spouse. In addition, the general expensive nature of wedding rings is a symbol of relationships value.

Rings have generally been exchanged for many years as symbols of love and loyalty. However, the use of metal wedding rings among men is a recent practice that began to take root after World War II. However, engagement rings for women have a longer history.

On a practical level, regardless of the symbolism that comes with wedding rings, there may be numerous practical reasons why spouse may be forced to avoid wearing wedding rings. For example, certain occupations such as manual labor may make it impractical to wear wedding rings. Also, some people have conditions where they are allergic to metal while some people simply feel great discomfort having anything clinging to their hands and may opt for a different token as a symbol of their commitment to the relationship. For example, wedding tattoos are becoming an increasingly common trend.

Wedding rings make a statement of love and commitment and pride in your significant other and it lets the world around you know that you are both off the market and significantly reduces the possibility of a person attempting or actually initiating a relationship with an evidently married person. However, certain people will not be easily deterred by the mere presence of a wedding ring and will proceed with their advances.

As we can see, wedding rings are there for both a practical and symbolic purpose. They tend to remind the couples themselves of their commitments and to constantly indicate to theme the very nature of their relationships. However, it is important to note that simply wearing wedding rings does not guarantee a successful marriage the same way refraining from wearing them does not doom a marriage to failure.

Something of much more importance than jewelry is necessary in making relationships work; love, determination, loyalty, respect among other qualities are of much more importance in a marriage. Wedding rings are a beautiful symbol of a union, but at the end of the day, that is all they are, just a symbol. The real/concrete proof of love and commitment lies in the couples resolve to uphold their wedding vows.

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