Mood Tracker

The mood tracker is a design that helps you know your different moods, and leads to a healthier life. It consists of a kind of table, similar to a diary or an agenda, where you reveal everything about your mood during the day.

With this item, you can identify the moments when you had stress, felt anger, despair or anxiety. But most importantly, you can detect the reason that led you to have those feelings. This activity is becoming popular, as it allows people to plan their time and increase their mental health.

      Mood Tracker Designs

The design of this program varies, depending on the affections and the needs of each person. The simplest is a calendar mode, where you write your emotions of the day. But there are other more complex ones, with drawings and divisions reminiscent of the moment when you felt certain emotions.

Of course, the version that you choose has the same goal, so is the purpose of starting using them. The ideal is to have an improvement in your emotions and in the way you control your feelings, having a better time organization.

The objective of this kind of design is to make easier the task of filling your mood tracker, so you don´t get bored in the process. You can choose certain colors to identify negative emotions and thoughts, and distinguish them from positive moments.

Also you are able to identify your moments of peace and tranquility, and compare them with the minutes where you had negative thoughts. That will allow you to know in which situations you generally have more problems. This could be at work, at home or at school.

This sort of activity has evolved significantly and has become a real business for those who manufacture it. Of course, there are mood trackers for all kinds of people, and their designs are adjusted to the needs and preferences of everyone.

Those who are too formal and organized can choose a sober, uncomplicated and easy-to-use design. For those who are more creative, there are different varieties of drawings and dynamics to fill it and let their imagination fly. And if you are incredibly creative, there is another choice that maybe you could consider for your mood tracker.

          Mood Tracker and Mood Mandalas

This sort of mood tracker can be considered literally as an art piece, thanks to its complexity and beauty. It is also a perfect opportunity for stressful moments, as the way to fill it can help you recover peace and feel calm.

It´s a regular mandala like the one you can find in any kind of books to draw, but the way to fill it is the one that changes. As we said before, depending on the colors that represent certain moods, it will be how you will fill your mandala.

This means that despite having a predesigned style, the colors you will use to fill your mandala are unpredictable. While you may have a day full of positive thoughts, the next day could be different, changing the way your design looks like.

The possibilities are endless, but the objective remains the same, that you manage to feel peace in awkward moments. Of course, by making this activity a habit, you will realize that with the time, your mood changes.    It doesn´t matter if you decide to make a colorful mandala or use a more traditional method, a mood tracker will be useful to know your moods better, and change your bad habits

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