Mood Rings: And How To Manage Your Mood

To achieve complete physical well-being it is impossible to neglect one’s own spirit and mood. In this case, our mind plays a very important role in achieving the optimal psycho-physical balance. To date, we know that the mood determines the balance of hormones, and this is already enough to explain why even after years of training, sometimes we have not yet obtained the sculpted being that we so desired. The mood, like the body, needs the necessary attention, and knowing how to control it, guarantees a much better life over time.

Mood rings: How to track your mood

The Mood Rings are rings with glittering color based on the mood of the wearer. They are available in various shapes and models, from the simple ring to the ring with the most particular design, and are accessible for all budgets.

Mood Ring is the name of these original and cute rings that magically change color in relation to the mood of the wearer. Even though many skeptics do not believe on it, the fact is that once worn them, at a certain moment, as if by magic, they their color completely, passing from one hue to another. Wearing them could help us as an alarm bell and as soon as the color changes make us aware of our current mood.

Mood Management

Emotions are biological forces that must be controlled. They exist before our thoughts. It is about how you react to a certain situation. People, who are particularly emotional, therefore, must learn to control themselves: we must avoid giving the green light to a negative emotion, we would only strengthen it. However, it is always harmful to keep one’s emotions for ourselves, especially when it comes to negative feelings. We have to find the balance, to express them in the right way, trying to stay controlled and avoid hostility.

For everyday stress, treat yourself with moments of relaxation: a bit of shopping, music, a hot bath, a massage and so on.

Learn to breathe with your stomach: it is the basis of every relaxation exercise. Inhale deeply by inflating the belly and then slowly exhale with the mouth.

Preserve your sleep: To respect your internal clock, go to sleep as soon as you start feeling tired. The more you delay this moment, the more you will shift the sleep cycle by an hour and a half. Who does not sleep enough is often in a bad mood.

To be vented with sports: It is effective in many situations. If you are very frustrated, you will choose tennis or squash, and to get rid of the feeling of melancholy instead, the good sport is swimming.

Uses of a mood diary:  A mood diary is a way of providing information about your mood, sleep time and medications taken to solve pathological problems related to mood swings. Many use it to observe the fluctuations of their mood and also to notice how this can affect other behaviors, such as sleep, energy and appetite. Creating a table is the best way to detect mood changes and will also give you a tool to use to combat mood changing problems. Learn to monitor your mood and record those signals that are important for your psychophysical balance.

The level of complexity of data processing depends exclusively on you. Some just keep track of sleep, moods, anxiety or stress, while others update real facts about sleep, mood, energy, appetite, behaviors, and more. Determine which items are most relevant or useful for your needs and include them in the chart.

The best way for you to get useful information from mood mapping is to update it on a regular basis every day. Skipping even one day can make you forget or minimize a new change in mood, a state of anxiety or the rhythms of sleep.

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