The Meaning Behind A Promise Ring.

Like any other jewelry, the promise ring that a person chooses ultimately depends on that person’s personal sense of style, their budget, and the level of commitment that that ring will hold. There are numerous styles and designs in the market and it is quite easy to get confused by all those options as you look for a promise ring.

Information is your best friend when you are looking for jewelry. Therefore, it is important in this case to learn about the types of promise rings available. This will help one narrow down on the exact ring that they would deem appropriate for them. It is important, however, not to let shopping for a promise ring become the number one agenda and overwhelm you. The most important is not the ring itself, but rather the meaning that that promise ring carries with it.

There are different types of promise rings. For example, there are the pre-engagement promise rings. This is the most common kind of promise ring available. Although promise rings are tokens that can be issued on a number of occasions, they are still given as pre-engagement symbols as an assurance of one’s intention to marry another in the future. In time, this is replaced with an actual engagement ring and then later by a wedding ring.

What A Promise Ring Symbolizes?

In addition to this, there are also purity promise rings that are worn by coupes who have committed to remain celibate over a certain period of time where they will possibly be separated or for the purpose of committing to the abstinence from something else. In some cultures, parents will give their children promise rings that symbolize their abstinence from any form of sexual activity until the day they get married. These are similar to abstinence promise rings that are worn as a symbol of their sexual abstinence, or abstinence from some vices that one may have acquired, such as drinking and smoking.

There are also friendship promise rings that are exchanged between friends as an indication that they will always be friends and that they will not succumb into the temptation of beginning a romantic affair with one each other. Additionally, there are also religious promise rings that are given to religious followers as a symbol of their commitment in the beliefs and teachings of that religion.

In general, both men and women can wear these rings. The concept behind promise rings is that once a promise ring is given, the parties involved assume they can now rely more heavily on the other person’s word and that they will remain true to it. Although promise rings do not have any rigid rules tied to them, it is a common assumption also that the more expensive a ring is the more serious the person giving it is in keeping his or her word promise. There is nothing worse that issuing such an intimate token of a promise and then failing to follow through to that commitment. Therefore, the focus should not be on the ring itself but staying true to its intended purpose.

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