What is the Meaning of a Claddagh Ring?

Wondering what claddagh is even before I talk about the claddagh ring? Well Claddagh is a city in Ireland. Apparently claddagh ring originated in that not very familiar city, and so it got that name.

This ring has a love symbol, a hand and a crown symbol respectively, all of which have different meanings attached to them. The hand symbolizes friendship; the heart is a symbol of love and the crown a symbol of loyalty. This makes it a unique ring which has various meanings attached to it.

Meaning of the Claddagh Symbol.

The hand on which this ring is worn also gives different messages about the wearer. For instance if the ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing away from the body then it shows that the beholder of the ring or rather the person wearing the ring is not in any serious relationship. In fact it can be an indicator that they are single, searching and their heart openly ready for a relationship.

On the other hand if the ring is still worn on the right hand, but with the heart facing inwards towards the body, then their heart already belongs to someone else, meaning they are in a serious relationship and not searching.

If the ring is worn on the left hand with the symbols facing away from the body, then the wearer is simply announcing her engagement. She is already booked. And if worn on the same hand but with the symbols facing inwards towards the body of the wearer, then that person is already married.

The origin of the ring is not clearly known and there are various stories trying to explain how the ring was invented, the beauty about all the traditional stories trying to explain the invention of this ring is, they are very beautiful stories giving us a lesson or two about love, loyalty and genuine friendship.

The claddagh ring is no longer the traditional ring that it has been known to be for many years. It has been made more classic and you can find it in diamond, gold, sapphire, emerald and even in vintage designs. So if you love tradition with a little bit of modern twists, then be sure to find one that will suit your taste.

Being a multipurpose ring, you can also purchase the ring to signify so many occasions. For instance if you want to propose to your girlfriend you can go for it. The symbols and their meanings will melt the heart of your loved one.

The same ring can be bought for weddings. The symbols on it will remain relevant on your wedding day and for the rest of your married life. If you are single and want to declare to the world that you are ready for relationship then it will still work for you, as long as other singles understand the message you are trying to pass across. This is surely a wonder ring that solves all your ring related problems in one single piece of jewel.

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