Ring size chart

Rings are very valuable and fashionable pieces of jewelry. They not only explain a lot of events in our lives such as marriages and engagements but they also form part of our daily wearable pieces of jewelry.

Unlike other jewelries though, the size of the ring matters. You just can’t buy a ring any how without knowing the size of your finger. Just like knowing the size of your feet when purchasing shoes, so it is with rings, you have to know the size of your finger; otherwise you will end up purchasing a large ring which will fit loosely, or a small one which will not even go through a third of your finger.

Ring size chart is a chart used to help you find the right ring size for your finger. You take the measurement of your finger, and mark you; you have to consider the finger the ring is intended for, because all the fingers have different sizes.

When taking the size of your finger, avoid using strings because most of the time, strings tend to stretch and you will end up with the wrong size of your ring. The best item to use is a piece of paper which will certainly give you accurate measurement.

The temperature of your finger also matters when taking the measurements of your finger to buy a ring. Never take the measurement of your finger, when they are too cold or too hot. Cold fingers tend to shrink and hot fingers expand and you will surely end up with a wrong measurement. The best time to take the measurement of your fingers is when your body temperature is normal.

Salt and some foods also cause your body to swell including fingers, so be careful with them when you want to measure the size of your finger. Another factor to consider is pregnancy, its advisable not to take the measurement of your finger when pregnant because of the normal weight gain during pregnancy not to mention swelling that sometimes occurs during pregnancy.

Ring finger chart comes in handy to help you get the correct size of your ring. This chart contains different circles with different diameters so what you do is take a ring that fits you and place it on top of one the circles, making sure the ring covers the circle completely. The circle that is well covered will give you your correct size. In case you are torn between two circles, go for the larger one, it will be more accurate.

Another type of ring finger chart is one that comes in form of a table, giving different measurements of circumferences of circles. With this type of chart, you measure your finger using a tape or piece of paper, then you locate where that measurement lies within the chart. This type of chart is especially useful if you don’t have a ring to use as in the previously mentioned chart that comes in the form drawn rings.

Armed with this information it will no longer be hard for you to buy a ring either for yourself of for your loved one.

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