Gold Ring

Gold is a highly valuable material. In the olden days people buried their dead in gold in hope that its value will accompany them to the afterlife. Most archaeological jewelry has been discovered in tombs. The mere mention of the word gold instantly brings the impression of a bright yellow, shiny, and expensive object. However, it is important to note that gold jewelry comes in more forms than the common yellow we are all aware of. Gold has a prestigious value to it, making it expensive, which is why gold rings are also considered valuable ornaments and portray the prestige of the person wearing them.

First, gold rings come in the commonly recognized yellow gold form. Natural gold is yellow and in order to maintain its yellow color alloys are added and in order to improve its strength, copper or silver is added and a bright yellow shade is the result of this process. This is the most common type of gold ring available in the market.

Also, gold rings can also come in the form of white gold. White gold, in the current market has become very popular. Its edge is its clean silver like beauty but with the same strength and prestige of the other gold products. White gold arises when gold is combined with silver or nickel alloys and plated with rhodium prior to its transformation into white gold. White gold rings are every bit as valuable as the common yellow gold, and every bit as prestigious.

Gold rings may also come in the form of rose gold, which is mostly preferred by women.  Rose gold is a beautiful product and is a great alternative for the common gold color. This color arises when pure gold is mixed with copper alloy. The copper gives the gold a pink hue and hence resulting in what we know to be rose gold. Rose gold rings are very popular among female consumers because of their subtle look while they still retain the gold status.

If you wear your gold ring every day, regardless of what kind it is, it will in all probability become dirty and dented over time. With proper care, your gold ring ought to last a life time and beyond and possibly even become a family heirloom. If your gold ring has lost its sparkle, you can very easily clean it yourself using a soft toothbrush and warm water with some washing liquid. Ensure not to scrub with hard bristles because this could end up scratching your ring and adding to the damage as opposed to brightening it. Slowly brush your gold ring until it is clean and has regained its sparkle. After this rinse your ring in clean water and dry it by rubbing it gently with a soft clean cloth. Allow the gold ring to dry prior to putting it on again. In terms of storage, whenever it is possible, wrap the ring in a soft cloth, for example, velvet in order to minimize any possible damage to your gold ring.

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