Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is also known as an infinity ring and is primarily a lady’s ring. Eternity rings normally comprise of a band of precious and identically cut gems in a continuous line. These gems are usually diamonds that symbolize eternal love. Eternity rings are usually given by a husband to the wife on significant occasions of their union, such as a wedding anniversary after fifty years of marriage.

The concept of the eternity ring was coined in the early 1960s by diamond merchant known as De Beers. The popular fashion of the time that primarily involved engagement rings was for these rings to be set with a single large diamond in the middle of them. The diamonds in De Beers possession were small and in order to avoid stock piling the merchant began his campaign in the promotion of rings that contained a series of small diamonds that were meant for older married women, and hence the eternity ring came to be. There was one campaign that was particularly popular among the customers where the slogan stated that, the woman married the man for richer or poorer and that the man should let her know how it was going. The idea of the infinity ring grew in popularity and its sales became increasingly significant.

The primary materials used to make eternity rings are, gold and platinum. The metal then has a series of little gems that go all the way around the outside of the ring. However, there are those rings that have the gems going half way around but they are just as beautiful. The gems mostly used in eternity rings are diamonds. In some cases, eternity rings are used as wedding rings, and have become a popular anniversary gift, especially for couples that have been married for a long time. Eternity rings can be used to immortalize numerous moments in a couple’s life.

The continuous circle of diamonds that is unbroken is what symbolizes eternity. Most people have their eternity rings fitted perfectly for their partners and do not want them adjusted in any way because they don’t want the circle of eternity to ever be broken. This is among the reasons why eternity rings grew so much in popularity over the years; it is the symbolism they bear with them. Also, as a result of the placement of the diamonds circling the ring it becomes impossible to resize the eternity ring without completely ruining it.

An additional quality that gives eternity rings their edge is that diamonds, being one of the strongest substances on the planet, and virtually indestructible, they represent eternity in themselves. Diamonds can be perceived as a symbol of undying love, loyalty, commitment, fidelity, and eternal unwavering partnership. They can also be perceived to be a representation of the promise of a lifetime of togetherness and companionship. Eternity rings represent forever, essentially bringing out and magnifying the level of commitment of one spouse to another as a symbol continually adorned on the finger in an infinite circle of dazzling beauty.

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