Mood ring colors

Rings are beautiful and we all love to put them on, be they wedding rings, engagement rings, cocktail rings, or just putting a ring on for beauty. Despite their beauty, rings also hold a lot of meaning. You will definitely know someone is married from a ring, the same way I will tell you are engaged from the ring that you are putting on.

Mood rings are a fascinating piece of jewelry and they now take the ‘meaning’ function of rings to a whole new level. Mood rings have a glass stone that contain a liquid compound with crystals that are sensitive to temperature and these compounds tend to change color with changes in the body temperature, giving rise to the name mood ring colors.

Mood ring colors are basically a chart that explains the meaning of the different colors that the ring will change to. There is meaning attached to each color and they explain the mood of the person when the ring adopts a certain color.

Psychologists believe that moods affects body temperature in humans and your temperature keep changing according to the mood you are in. For instance if you are excited and happy your body temperature will rise, because the blood vessels get dilated and they come closer to the surface.

The mood ring colors will respond to this rise in temperature and the colors of the glass stone will change. The crystals in the glass stone shift their position with change in temperature and this shift in position is what actually brings about the change in color.

The magic of change in color of the mood ring actually lies in the crystals in the liquid. These crystals shift their position according to the current temperature of your body. Once the crystal shift their position then they reflect a different wavelength of light and this reflection is what makes the glass stone in the ring to change color.

Every shift in position of these crystals causes a different wavelength of light being reflected and this is what causes the change in color. Among the mood ring colors that show good mood are blue signifying happiness and relaxation, green shows no stress, and ironically dark blue in this color chart signifies romance, I don’t know how true that is??

Bad mood colors include; white which indicates confusion and restlessness, black is an indicator of stress and nervousness and probably someone who have heard a long day of work done mostly in a hurry putting them on the edge. Gray a color between white and black actually indicates the beginning of stress; it is an indicator that in the next hour or so, stress level is likely to rise.

Mood ring colors may seem a little paranoid to most people but you don’t have to follow there color interpretations to the letter. You can put them on as an experiment to see if the color changes are a real translation of your mood or you can just wear them for fun and enjoy a ring that keeps changing color every now and then.

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