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You would not wear a dress that does not fit well to your wedding would you? Or an ill-fitted suit now would you? Similarly, you should not have an ill-fitted ring. This does not only apply to wedding rings, it applies to every type of ring. Any good jeweler recognizes the importance of obtaining a perfectly fitting ring and will work with you in ensuring that you or a significant other find a perfect ring with a perfect fit.


Portable Ring Sizer


In order to get your ring size, there are websites on the internet that have a ring sizer printable, that you can use to determine your ring size. In order to know how to measure ring size, have a ring that you already own and that is a perfect fit and position it over the numerous circles on the conversion chart to determine which one matches yours. The diameter of the circle ought to be the exact diameter of your ring. In cases where you find yourself conflicted between two sizes, always go for the size that seems a little bigger than your size.

Printable Ring Size Chart



In cases where the ring is not for you, for example, where it is for your intended fiance, to know how to determine ring size can be a tricky feat. However, there are a few pointers that experienced gold smiths and jewelers have to offer. Once one has discovered the ring size of the intended recipient then they will be better positioned to peruse the extensive collection of rings in the market. What use is it to find a beautiful and expensive ring then have it be too small or fail to fit the intended recipient.

The simplest way to discover a person’s ring size is to quietly take or ‘borrow’ a ring that they wear regularly. In most cases, however, since engagement or wedding rings are worn on the third finger of a person’s left hand it is highly unlikely that the intended recipient has a ring they wear on that finger. In this case, pick a ring worn on the middle finger and go down a size in order to get a perfect fit for your partner. Alternatively, your partner’s family or friends could help you figure out the right size since they are better positioned to do so without raising any suspicion. If you happen to be close with either of them, you can request their help in this endeavor but ensure that they are capable of keeping a secret and will not prematurely ruin the surprise.

Finding out what ring size is perfect is also important when making a ring purchase online and making accurate measurements is even more important. Ring size especially matters where the ring is meant for a special occasion such as a wedding or an engagement. Ring size is an aspect that cannot be assumed or guessed and it is neither something that is fixable at a later date; if you get it wrong you have gotten it wring. Therefore, it is important to be 100% sure of ring size before making a purchase and avoid the use of a ring size adjuster..

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