Mood ring color meanings

With a world that is so dynamic and full of all sorts of emotions, we are bound to get moody either positive moods or negative moods depending with the type of emotion that we are experiencing at that particular moment.

Mood rings are rings made with a glass stone and this stone contains liquid crystals that are sensitive to heat, and they change color wit change in temperature. Our bodies are believed to change in temperature according to our mood. So basically your mood can be detected from your skin.

The crystals in the mood color ring actually shifts position with a change in body temperature and once they shift they reflect a different wave length of light, a different color will appear on the mood ring’s glass and that color will be indicating the mood you are in at that particular time.

Mood ring color meanings range from happy and romantic moods to stressful and anger moods. The beauty about these mood rings is that there is a chart to help you interpret the different colors being reflected at any particular time. So you don’t to worry wondering what a particular color is on the glass stone.

Some of the mood ring color meanings are such as; black meaning very stressed, overworked, being very serious as well as depressed and having a very intense time. Grey is like a red flag raiser signaling the beginning of stress. So before your mood ring reflects a black color, it is going to appear grey, then proceed to black. Therefore if you spot the grey color on your ring, then know that if you go on that path, you are headed for full blown stress.

Light green reflection is an indication of alertness, jealousy at some point, envious and generally being on the lookout.

Cobalt blue shows that you are calm, pleasant very peace full and accepting things the way they are and basically not stressing about anything. It is also a sign of having a positive and optimistic outlook towards everything.

I know many are wondering where romance lies, well violet is the color of romance and all those love sensual feelings. Pink is the color of happiness, warmth and affection. Dark blue on the other hand also shows love, blissful, relaxed and in a spirit of giving out. Green is an indication of an active day and orange indicates nervousness and tension.

Each of this type of ring is purchased with a mood ring color meanings chart that will help you to interpret the different colors that will be reflected on your ring. Mood ring is a wonderful piece of jewelry and if taken positively, it can help you to monitor how your mood changes in the course of your daily activities and your can end up using it to improve your life for the better. by avoiding the tense, stressful and nervous causing situations you can surely improve your life for the better and end up having a wonderful and happy life.

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