Indian Jewelry

India has an old jewelry tradition that has been greatly influenced by cultural and political evolution across its rich and long history. The rich variety and amount of gems and metals, made the country a leader in production and exchange of jewelry in the region, bringing great financial prosperity for those involved in the industry.

In ancient days the royals were the only people that were allowed to wear jewelry, and even laws were created to grant that couldn’t be used for anybody else. Gold ornaments on the feet were only dressed for a few people whom were authorized by the royalty.

Recognizing its potential, the first country to extract and sell diamonds was India. They were used from 3 centuries BC, and were displayed as a sign of fidelity, a tribute or even to recuperate  leaders appreciation. Indian diamond jewelry have been a constant protagonist in the history of the country and in the past were used as an influence in many political, economic and social developments.

Indian Gold Jewelry

Indian culture gold is regarded as a sacred metal and symbolizes the warmness of the sun, being the maetal widely used in Indian gold jewelry sets.

With silver  both are the metal pillars of the jewelry of India. In ancient Indian culture immortality was greatly associated with gold, because it didn’t rust or tarnished overtime. Also can be seen often in the rich classic literature of the country appearing in metaphoric and poetic sense.

Indian wedding  and Indian Bridal Jewelry

The Aesthetical charm that characterizes the complex patterns of the Indian bridal jewelry sets, is something that attracts the sights of a lot of jewelry lovers. Nevertheless, the fact is that the blend of cultural roots and mystical aspects are  powerfully displayed in this kind of wedding jewelry, that the demand for it has become huge, resulting in that people all over the world consider the alternative to use it in their wedding ceremony.

Brides in India give immense value to the type of jewelry that they use in one of the most important moments of their life, giving special emphasis in the choice of designs and materials used by the creators of them.

The multiplicity of the raw materials that are offered, make the decision of the piece purchase a difficult to make and often their families play an important role when the moment of the acquisition arrives.

Indian Ancient Jewelry

Indian Fashion jewelry and Indian Jewelry supply

The task of the selection of your office wearing jewelry it is not an easy one and in the case of the Indian fashion jewelry can be even more difficult. The numerous styles and prices sometimes make us baffled and asking ourselves where is the right point to start the election of the best value alternatives.  Picking jewelry for our work spending time, has some requirements that have to be taken in consideration. For example the pieces can be trending but not too flamboyant ,beside must be lavishly enough to cause a good impression in our working place. Another important concept is to purchase jewelry that without be overly expensive, has a minimum quality level that help us to show the emphasis that we give to the aspect that we display when we are in office.

The Indian jewelry supply I so ample and diverse that it will never be a problem to find many pieces that can be wore, depending the occasion in which have to be displayed.


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