Engagement Ring

Every girlfriend who is dating the man of their dreams always have one question in mind, when he is going to go on one knee, pop the ring and ask the question??? Proposals are very special to ‘girls’, because it shows her that this awesome man is finally committing to me and a show that he values you enough to want to make you a part of his life.

There is no proposal without an engagement ring, the ring is like the epicenter of every proposal, and personally I tend to think that ladies get more excited about the ring than the proposal itself, (but those are just my thoughts).

Since the best a lady can do is say yes and let that engagement ring be slipped on her finger as she sheds some joyful tears, gentlemen this information is for you. There are so many types of rings for engagement to choose from, the determinant factor being money. So my dear gentlemen the first step when you think of proposing to that sweetheart are finances. The beauty though is that the rings are available for all budgets, so you just go for one that fits into yours.

There is no definition for a perfect ring and only you can spot one when you see it. A perfect ring should match with the personality of your soul mate, capture your own heart and also bring out the beauty of your growing love, so do not tense a lot when you want to propose wondering where to start. Just shop around and the moment you set your eyes on the ring meant to crown your love, will just feel in your heart that this is the one.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and they make gorgeous rings, so if you can afford it, go for the diamonds. The good thing is that they also vary in price depending with the number of carrots. The more the carrots the expensive the ring will be.

Gold is also another beautiful option for a gorgeous engagement ring. This is especially a good choice for a girl who does not love glittering jewels. Diamond glows and glitters and it will attract a lot of attention, so if your lady is kind of a laid back person who does not like unnecessary attention, then go for gold, she will love it.

There are engagement rings which are a combination of both diamond and gold, so if your know your girl loves both diamond and gold and your are torn on which one to buy for that surprise, then this particular type will work well for you.

Apart from gold and diamond there are other stones used to make engagement rings and they are very beautiful to too. Some of these rocks include emerald, sapphires, and even vintage rings. They all make gorgeous rings so you don’t have to restrict yourself to gold and diamond.

So gentle men if you are sure she is the one, just visits different jewel shops and you are sure to find the correct ring for her.

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